Luxurious bedroom in grey.

Recently, this beautiful bedroom caught my eye, because it felt luxurious and cozy at the same time. This bedroom belongs to 83 sq.m. apartment in Goteborg that is on sale through Stadshem. (if you are interested in having a look at the rest of this stylish apartment you can find it here). It is styled by the well established Grey deco and photographed by Jonas Berg, so there is no surprise why this bedroom made a difference….

The heavy grey wall to wall and ceiling to floor curtains that are combined great with the dark grey wall make the room look wider and elegant. And of course all the details, the black vase and black table lamp on this dark shelf hidden behind the curtains create this mysterious and yet intimate feeling of privacy…. i particularly like the small sofa in the corner, an element from another era, don’t you think?
Enough have been said, I will let you enjoy those beautiful pictures….

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