2018 - February

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Scandinavian home offices

Time has changed and most of us need a place at home, well organized, so that we can work or check our emails. The ideal for me, as a mother of two, is a place at home where I can isolate myself and work undistracted, but sometimes that can be really difficult. I still haven’t…

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IKEA is a well known brand and needs no introduction or advertising. But when IKEA meets the super talented people behind HAY then the result is something you can not help but talk about it. A lot. Ypperlig is an IKEA collection with collaboration with HAY that was launched on October 2017. Some pieces of…

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The Finnish brand marimekko is well known for the beautiful patterned fabrics and clothing. I fell in love with those fabrics when I was a student at the university and a friend of mine went for Erasmus in Finland. I visited one shop there and a whole new world was revealed…. Beautiful colours, unique patterns…

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