The Finnish brand marimekko is well known for the beautiful patterned fabrics and clothing. I fell in love with those fabrics when I was a student at the university and a friend of mine went for Erasmus in Finland. I visited one shop there and a whole new world was revealed…. Beautiful colours, unique patterns and undeniable quality.

Years later, when I was expecting my first kid I chose for the curtain of his room one of   Marimekko fabrics and he still has it in his room. I totally recommend it if you want something out of the ordinary. You can chose between a wide range of patterns in many styles and materials like cotton, coated cotton, sateen, linen and batiste. However, sometimes marimekko patterns can be very dominant, so you must be careful with the colours’ (and patterns’) combinations of your space.


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Hi! I am an architect who loves interior design. I created this digital space so that I could share with you my love for simplicity, Scandinavian minimalism and beauty in general. It is a place where architecture meets art, fashion and functionality. A place where I love to lay down and dream. Welcome to my home.