Subtle Minimalism by Heem

Heem is a Norwegian design studio focusing on subtle minimalism, and by the look of their work I would say their commitment to what they claim is apparent and undeniable. The Interior Architect behind Heem studio is the talented Cathrine Bækken with a style and a signature that is here to stay. The pictures that I have gathered to show you today are a small sample of their work – some of them are taken from the house of Cathrine Bækken. All of them, though, create this calm feeling of everything being serene and in place… Don’t you agree? I hope you enjoy the photos!

Photos by Dag Randen

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Hi! I am an architect who loves interior design. I created this digital space so that I could share with you my love for simplicity, Scandinavian minimalism and beauty in general. It is a place where architecture meets art, fashion and functionality. A place where I love to lay down and dream. Welcome to my home.