Elegant IKEA hacks.

IKEA has been, for a while, a leading industry to affordable design, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that more and more consumers get inspired by its products and become more creative with them. Today I have gathered some IKEA hacks that has character and elegance.

The first one is an Ivar IKEA hack that comes from Lovisa Häger the blogger of residence magazine: An Interior Affair.  She used 50 round wooden pieces cut in half. The trick here was that Ivar cupboards are 80cm high but the wooden pieces were kept in their original size (1m.) so this made the final result of Ivar cupboard look higher and more elegant. Smart, isn’t?

The second one is also an Ivar IKEA hack that comes from Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer the blogger of September Edit.  Caroline used 2m. of pre-woven cane which she glued it over the cabinet doors. I think the final result is so elegant and the cane adds warmth and character.

The third one comes from the famous blogger Nina Holst of Stylizimo blog. It is an IKEA bookcase hack  of Valje shelf units that are turned sideways and painted in the same gray color of the the wall. The result is simply stunning, don’t you agree?

The last one is from Pella Hedeby for IKEA Livet Hemma  and is a headboard DIY project! She actually used IKEA MOSSLANDA picture ledges, together with a MDF board in the front, painted the same colour with the wall. The final result is elegant and practical. (I have done the same with the IKEA MOSSLANDA picture ledges in my daughter’s room but left it white – and not pink as she wished!) . It is always nice to get inspired by so talented and creative people! Enjoy all the IKEA hacks, i know I did!






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