A minimal apartment in Belgium by TJIP- or for the love of marble.

This small apartment in Belgium is renovated by the Belgium Duo TJIP: Jakob Vyncke and Thomas Meesschaert. The have done an amazing job creating, with confidence, a minimal space deprived from anything unnecessary and impractical. Preserving existing features such as the brick fireplace and exposed timber beams, they introduced  elements like the black steel framing and the marble that serve a double duty: the steel framing acting as both visual and practical room divider and marble used for custom shelving in the study and as a genius yet super elegant sliding door to hide away kitchen appliances! Limited furniture to the basics, plenty of well hidden storage, full height windows and doors, lead to the obvious conclusion that it is a well designed apartment full of thoughtful materiality. For sure, it is a true inspiration to all of us who love marble and soft minimal aesthetic. Don’t you agree?

Design: TJIP

Photography: Piet Albert Goethals

Pictures via Est Living

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