Variations of a chair.

Once upon a time,Charles and Ray Eames –famous and well established designers – designed and sent to production the iconic plastic chair of plastic seat shell and metal/wooden base. Their innovative furniture typology – the multifunctional chair whose shell can be joined with a variety of different bases to serve diverse purposes – has since become widespread. Since then, designers with different backgrounds and different starting points, have used this chair as an inspiration and attempted variations with less or more success… Quite a few of them that were sent to production met a public acceptance shows us that there is space out there for similar, still beautiful chairs.

Some variations of the original Eames chair, that have led to quite successful products, detached from their original inspiration, are today’s theme of the post. Striking combinations of plastic seat shell and four-legged wooden or plastic base meet the high demands of quality and aesthetics with unique results as you can see.

  1. Eames Plastic chair for Vitra.
  2. Pato wood base model for Fredericia.
  3. The Neu 13 chair -Matt Lacquered solid oak and cream white plastic seat shell for HAY.
  4. The Fiber Side Chair with wood base for muuto.
  5. The HAL Wood chair by Jasper Morrison for Vitra.
  6. Last but not least the sustainable Odger chair for IKEA from recycled plastic and wood chips.
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