A house in northern Italy with Nordic vibes.

In a small village of Northern Italy, on Hormannweg, the architect Daniel Ellecosta designed a house with respect and care to its built surrounds. The structure and the materials are simple- clad in a light grey plaster for the exterior, a roof on the top and wooden window frames- which immediately create a calming effect that prepares you for the interior.

Inside the design choices and the the materials create this cozy atmosphere with immediate references to Scandinavian interiors. Local wood features in every space: in the kitchen, flooring, built-in furniture as well as window and door frames. The color pallet choices, the warmth of the wood, the clear lines of design contribute to this well-known Nordic feeling of “hygge” with its soft minimalism.

In a landscape that nature is persistently present and dominant Ellecosta chose an austere interior deprived from anything unnecessary and successfully created  a house where you can escape from this world and enjoy the breathtaking view.  Exactly how Scandinavians do it!

Photo credit Gustav Willeit  via here.

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