Weekend’s art link – André Kertész

It doesn’t come as a shock, to all those people who really know me, that I am posting photographers in weekend’s art link. I have a thing about photography and especially black and white.

So, today I have chosen show you a small sample of the work of André Kertész, a Hungarian born photographer that is known for his valuable contribution to photographic composition. As an architect, I was trained to composition and I can understand its fundamental value in art. Thus, André Kertész always surprised me with his simplicity and at the same time balanced compositions (so hard to achieve that). There are so many things to be said about Kertesz but I am not an expert in art theory. The only thing I know is that for me this is art. Art that elicits strong feelings. I hope his art, work that way for you, also. Enjoy a tiny sample of his work.

La Fourchette (1928) via here

Self por­trait — Mar­tinique (1972) via here

Chez Mondrian (1926) via here

Buy, Long Island University(1962) via here

The Stairs of Montmartre, Paris (1926) via here


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