Seaside Abode: Soft minimalism by Norm Architects

In the secluded coast of Denmark, Seaside Abode, Norm Architects have renovate and modernize a danish cottage.  This newly renovated residence is surrounded by the beautiful landscape of North Zealand in Denmark. A landscape full of scenic lakes, forests and sandy beaches, that served as the main inspiration for the home’s interior colors and decoration.

“Boasting all-natural, rich materials, the house gives you the feeling of being in the middle of nature while inside,” says Norm Architects. In order to accomplish that, the architects  limit themselves to a specific earthy color spectrum of sand-colored walls, dark wooden details in the kitchen and the floor and sophisticated earth toned furnishing.


“The existing architectural structure was well carried, functional and harmonious – therefore the project was a refurbishment and a challenging exercise to incorporate the wild nature outside on a refined level,” said interior architect Laura Bilde.


I love how the darker colors are blending in with the minimum possible furniture and all the eclectic design elements -the textiles and artworks that owners have collected on their travels. It is the definition of soft minimalism that offers this warm welcoming feeling to its inhabitants and guests. What about you?

Photos credit Norm Architects

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