Weekend’s Art Link – Koudelka

I simply cannot find words to talk about Josef Koudelka. It is not about who he is, you can find plenty of information about him on-line.  It is about what he implies in his photos that makes him one of the greatest photographers of all times. Effortless, he can speak through his pictures about desolation and despair, departure and alienation, human pain and emotions beyond words.
His work is amazing, take a few moments,please, to browse a small sample that I have gathered here…

Greece, 1994

ROMANIA. 1994. The Danube delta region. Location shooting of the film ‘Ulysse’s Gaze’, directed by Theo ANGELOPOULOS.

FRANCE. Region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais. City of Boulogne-sur-Mer. 1988.

POLAND. 1958.


UNITED KINGDOM. Scotland. 1977.

Photo credits: Magnum Photo

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