Beautiful apartments with warm hues of beige and grey

If you read this blog long enough, or other Scandinavian orientated blogs, then the Stockholm based interior designer Lotta Agaton needs no introduction. She is one of the most popular and successful Sweden’s interior designers with a unique style and aesthetic.

Today on the blog it is presented, a not so new, but still stylish work of hers (first viewed in residence magazine).  In collaboration with the housing development company Patriam, she had been commissioned to design several newly-created apartments in Vasastan, Stockholm. The project is due to be delivered in 2019 and for more information you can look here.

Together with the architectural office Semrén & Månsson, she has developed two different design concepts with something in common: beautiful, quiet spaces with plenty of room for personal taste and style. “I stuck to the thought of creating a heaven beyond the city’s high pace. All rooms therefore come in comfortable calm, relaxing tones to create balance and harmony. Durable materials wear beautifully in several rooms – like the Terazzo stone found on both the hall floor, kitchen counter and in the bathroom. Or the wooden doors in the kitchen that create an emotional connection to the natural and peeled, says Lotta Agaton.

I just love the serenity and all the calming vibes of this interior space. A well-designed interior, with care and thought  to the last detail doesn’t mean that it is over designed and Lotta Agaton always proves that, with her work. Enjoy!

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