The Poster art or how can art become a poster!

Having to chose between posters and expensive art for your walls, is now over. The Poster club has announced its collaboration with the danish former fashion designer  Malene Birger.
The result of this collaboration are six monochrome paintings that can be sold as art prints and you can find them here. Her work is very distinctive and bold, and those black and white posters can work perfectly as a focal point in any room of your house. I really love them!

The good part of this collaboration, besides the final products, is that all six posters have been styled in Skagerak showroom by Pernille Vest and photographed by Emil Monty Freddie.  The press release   pictures are really a fest for the eye and can show the full potential of this great collaboration. They really got me convinced to order one print for myself! What about you?

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