The MK house – minimalism at its best!

If you are into minimalism then you have probably heard about the Brussels-based architect Nicolas Schuybroek. This incredibly talented and well established architect has a timeless and contemporary approach to design.
Today on the blog it is featuring the MK home, an impressive 1800s home in the historic centre of Antwerp renovated to become a minimal, open and elegant space.  The circulations, volumes, connections between spaces and most importantly natural lighting were thoroughly thought in order to create a warm minimalist and elegant house. The impeccable design of Nicolas Schuybroek with a great attention to detail lead to this timeless sophisticated interior. Each detail is well thought  and designed with care, so that everything look effortless and simple. However, this apparent simplicity and monastic appearance require a tremendous amount of work and a very talented team behind this great architect! It is a home to wish for. Enjoy the tour!

Photos: Claessens & Deschamps, Thomas de Bruyne


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