Ask og Eng’s new Oslo project

I have shared with you before my admiration of Ask og Eng – the very talented team that create incredible custom made kitchens with bamboo. Their latest project in Oslo is up on their site and it is beautiful!

The architecture of the house with the big windows that allow ample daylight to come through and the pitched roof worked as an inspiration for Ask og Eng. The type of bamboo that was chosen is called Grain and its color and texture works like a charm with the black details of the rest of the kitchen. I particularly like those custom made cupboards on the entire wall of the pitched roof, and the all bamboo ladder that was made for the family to be able to reach the top cabinets. The intention was to blend perfectly in with the rest of the interiors and it really does! 

But in my opinion the highlight of the house is the home office made of bamboo that you can see in the last picture. The wall is covered with straws of bamboo and the final result is warm and so very Nordic. I just love it! Hope you like it too!

Photo credit: Ask og Eng

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