Tiny Places Part III

While Easter in Norway is over, Orthodox Easter has one week to go for celebration. I hope you had a nice time, charged your batteries and got ready for the upcoming weeks of no vacations…
Today the post is about a small apartment – again – in Stockholm that is on sale and you can find it here. I don’t really know how many parts it will be about tiny places. Now that I can think of it, I should probably change the title once more and then again after three parts, another title and so on…. I have a thing for small spaces, they look better and makes you feel koselig (cozy) as Norwegian would say. The same would go for architecture also- I should probably make a blog post soon, of small houses designed by great architects. But today is not that day…

It is a well arranged apartment with a minimal white kitchen-exactly as I like it- and two double beds! Imagine in 43sqm you can easily get some privacy while having a guest at home. I just love how this rattan rocking chair and the plants can add texture and warmness to the interior. The ceiling height of almost 4 meters also helps a lot, making the apartment look spacious and pleasant. But the highlight of the apartment are those tall, wide windows from ceiling to -almost- floor that bring plenty of light inside this one room.


Photography courtesy by Våningen & Villan  

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