Norwegian kitchens by Ask og Eng

It is always a pleasure to see creative and talented people following their dream. Such talented people are the Norwegian partners in life and business Kine Ask Stenersen and Kristogger Eng behind Ask og Eng . Based in Drammen, they design and carefully craft kitchens and furniture out of the sustainable material of bamboo. Their studio is a fest for the eye for those who really enjoy well designed spaces. Concrete flooring in combination with the bamboo kitchen create an impeccable result. Take a small tour on their studio photographed by Studio Avenue.



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Hi! I am an architect who loves interior design. I created this digital space so that I could share with you my love for simplicity, Scandinavian minimalism and beauty in general. It is a place where architecture meets art, fashion and functionality. A place where I love to lay down and dream. Welcome to my home.